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NetCom Plus

The new NetCom+ Servers are the modern family of VScom Serial Device Server series. Using the proven protocol and driver of the long-known NetCom models, customers installations directly support the NetCom+.
Occasionally the NetCom Plus names are written as NetCom+ for brevity.

Additionally to the classic operation as Serial Device Server the NetCom+ provide an option for secure Remote Access via Internet. This option uses the system of viaVPN for simple installation and easy usage. Instead of a multi-step configuration of OpenVPN and on PCs using that, viaVPN provides for a short-step Client Utility and Cloud Servers to allow Firewall-friendly operation with minimum configuration. By that the remote access provides for monitoring of the operation, possible re-configuration and also the use of standard functionalities.

The NetCom+ use a state-of-the-art RISC processor, are very flexible in configuration and easy to use. The modern hardware results in low-power and cost-effective designs with a wide range of power supply and communication options. All models allow to add an internal Wireless LAN interface 802.11b/g/n, with function as Access Point to support Windows 7 and later versions. The WLAN interface is demonstrated with the NetCom Plus 123 WLAN.

The serial ports operate as RS232 or RS232/422/485, controlled via Gigabit Ethernet. The mode is easily configured as common by a DIP switch, or individually by software configuration. The USB-COM Plus modules can extend the number of ports.

The NetCom Plus devices with PoE may get power supply via the Ethernet cable. They use the IEEE 802.3af specifications and present as Class 0 powered devices.

MTBF information on NetCom Plus devices:

  1 Port
NetCom Plus 111 (1x RS232)
NetCom Plus 113 (1x RS232/RS422/485)
NetCom Plus 123 WLAN (1x RS232/RS422/485)
  2 Ports
NetCom Plus 211 (2x RS232)
NetCom Plus 213 (2x RS232/RS422/485)
  4 Ports
NetCom Plus 411 (4x RS232)
NetCom Plus 411 RJ45 New (4x RS232 on RJ45)
NetCom Plus 413 (4x RS232/RS422/485)
  8 and 16 Ports
NetCom Plus 811 (8x RS232)
NetCom Plus 813 (8x RS232/RS422/485)
NetCom Plus 1611 New (16x RS232)
NetCom Plus 1613 New (16x RS232/RS422/485)
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