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Company Profile


Vision Systems is a major player in Data Communication and Industrial PC technology. Envisioning the rapid growth of industrial automation and communication, Vision Systems has positioned itself as a total solution provider in the industrial field applications. We are pleased to provide customers the best fit of advanced technology solutions together with qualified technical support and reliable service for customer's business success.

Who we are & What we do

Vision Systems is commited for conceiving, designing, manufacturing and sales of advanced technological solutions for industrial automation and data communication. Our tasks cover hardware design, firmware implementation, driver programming for Windows, Linux, Unix operating systems as well as ODM/OEM customized solutions.
We offer full range of industrial-PC platforms, including the requested operating systems, for different industry application fields, such as automation, telecom, transportation and networking.
Our data communication products enable customers to easy establish data transfer and data management solutions, relying on state-of-the-art technologies, such as wireless and cable Ethernet, USB and multiport serial.

Our Vision

Visions Systems is continuously making efforts to offer industrial PC and data communication products with excellent quality/price ratio to serve European customers.

R&D Force & Quality Assurance

Vision Systems is spending 15% of the sales turnover for the development of new products. R&D staff members are taking care to improve the manufacturing and quality test procedures at the site of our manufacturing partners in Taiwan.

Fact Sheet

Name: VS Vision Systems GmbH. VS the name by which most People know us, is a leading company of IPC and Data Communication platfrom provider in Germany.

Founded: July, 1993

Location: Visions Systems is in Norderstedt, Germany

Business: Vision Systems delivers a broad range of Industrial PC and Data Communication products. With over 12 years excellent experience, Vision Systems became one of the major player in European market. Our customers highly appreciate the quality of our products, the excellent technical support and product integration capabilities of our technical staff members.

Sales/Service: Vision Systems serves Germany and European Market.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing and assembly takes place primarily in Taiwan.

Executive team: Vision Systems's executive team provides high qualification and wealth of experience.

Financial performance: Vision Systems continuously achieves growth rates of 35% per year, which insure solid and stable finacial performance.

Customers: Vision Systems has a serious commitment to its customers' success. Our customer list contents many names of big and famous corporations in Germany and Europe, acting in industries, telecommunications, car industry, government, e-commerce and manufacturing.

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