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> 9PF-9PF (661)

Main Features

  • RS232 Null-Modem Adapter
  • DB9 female to DB9 female

RS232 Null-Modem Adapter female


Null-Modem 9PF-9PF

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The RS232 Null-Modem Adapter changes a DSUB9 male port into a DSUB9 female connector. The Adapter is not just a Gender Changer. RS232 requires different signal positions for male and female connectors, so this adapter exchanges those positions. Don't use it for RS422/485.
Null-Modem 9PF-9PF is an optional accessory for NetCom Serial Device Servers.


Null-Modem 9PF-9PF

Null-Modem Adapter female, converts DB9-male to -female
Accessory for Serial Device Server
or USB to Serial Devices (Industrial Line)

Changed Signals

TxD/RxD (2/3), RTS/CTS (7/8), DTR/DSR (4/6)

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Null-Modem 9PF-9PF

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