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> Netzteil 12V US (6034)

Main Features

  • Wall Plug Power Adapter
  • 12V DC 1A
  • US Wall plug
  • For NetCom Plus and USB-COM Plus

Power Adapter 12V DC with US Wall plug New


OPT Netzteil 12V US

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Power Adapter 12V DC with US Wall plug        
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Power Adapter 12V DC, specially configured to support NetCom Plus, NetCAN Plus, USB-COM Plus and SER-485 devices. Baltos systems and Routers are supported as well. The uncoated wire tips fit into the power connector terminal blocks of supported devices. This adapter is manufactured to fit US wall plugs for international installations.

  Power Specifications


12V DC


1.0 Ampere min.

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Positive Line

Black, optional some text on the wire

Negtive (GND) Line

White Marks (long dashes) on the wire

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Fully isolating plastic case


150 g


38×53×41 mm³ (W×L×H) plus socket plug
80×54×99 mm³ in the box

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Level (VI)

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  Ordering Information


OPT: Netzteil 12V US

Packing List

Power Adapter

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