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Date : Feb, 2005
Our Products : VS-EmRunner H plus e1

Targeting automotive applications the VS-EmRunner H plus e1 has been approved by Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt with e1 certification. Based on Intel Celeron ULV 650MHz CPU with a rich choice of peripherals inside of a rugerized IP 50 case , the Car-PC has beed designed for telematic and map-navigation applications, offering high schock resistance and extended operating temperature range, while it need max 24Watts from 12/24V sources.

The Car-PC acquires sensor data and controls actors in the truck and combined with GPS position engine and GPRS module can be used for tracking and controling truck operation and routing. The actual position and operating conditions are known for every vehicle at every time.

Firmware Updates and Upload of operating data can be done using the Wireless WLAN when the vehicle returns to the base location.
CAR PC - VS EmRunner H plus e1, Vision System IPC application
CAR PC - VS EmRunner H plus e1, Vision System IPC application


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