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New Ready to Run RISC based Embedded Computer

Vision Systems released ARM 9 RISC embedded industrial computer, OnRISC Alekto.

Nov 29, 2007 - Vision Systems GmbH-Industrial PC provider, announces the release of newest ARM 9 RISC embedded industrial computer- OnRISC Alekto. Alekto is first member of the OnRISC family. It is based on ARM9 RISC CPU and runs the full-featured Debian GNU/Linux operating system. Alekto is suitable to cover control and networking applications for industrial control, transportation systems, environmental monitoring and small office servers.

Alekto is a fanless design, RISC-based architecture and reliably operates in an IP30 certified aluminium case from -10 to 65C. It is ideally suited for harsh environments, as typically in industrial and factory automation applications.

  • Variety of interfaces
    Many interfaces, like LAN, CF, USB, IC, serial interface, digital I/O and MiniPCI-Slot, make it easy to connect various industrial devices to the OnRISC Alekto.

  • Ready to Run
    OnRISC Alekto runs full-featured Debian GNU/Linux on ARM operating system including all device drivers for peripherals.

  • High Performance
    ARM9 32-bit RISC CPU (166MHz) and 64MByte SDRAM memory allow the OnRISC Alekto to provide high performance for data processing.

  • Compact Size
    OnRISC Alekto is ready to be DIN-Rail installed and feasible to fit even strong limited space environments.

  • Wireless Capability
    Equipped with one MiniPCI Slot for WLAN, GSM/GPRS, GPS, Video-Capture expansion.

  • Low Power Consumption
    OnRISC Alekto has very small power consumption and need only 6.5 watts.

  • Wide Range Temperature
    Working reliably in a wide range temperature from -10C to 65C, OnRISC Alekto can be used practically almost everywhere.


One Application field for OnRISC embedded computers is intelligent networking of the production tools, such as NC-Machines, PLC-Controllers and I/O controllers. These devices can be usually accessed only via RS 232/422/485 or over Digital I/O.

OnRISC Alekto directly interfaces these devices and via Ethernet higher computer instances, such as monitoring and/or control workstations. On demand OnRISC Alekto can supply the manunfacturing devices with production data, download their programms, can buffer data from/to those devices, run maintainance tests or performs data protocol conversions.
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