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AMD LX800 solution with PCMCIA expansion!

Vision Systems released low power embedded system with AMD LX800 500MHz, power consumption average system only 8.4W - TaskRunner LX3220.

June 28, 2006 - Vision Systems GmbH-Industrial PC provider, announces the release of newest AMD LX800 Solution - TaskRunner LX series.

VS TaskRunner 3220 fanless system with aluminium chassis targets industrial applications such as logistics, field controllers, data aquisition, equipment PC, access control and others. There are some special requirements in these series, for example more serial ports for legacy device connection that includes two RS 422/485 interfaces with Automatic Flow Control,

 +/- 15KV ESD protection and optical isolation (min 2KV) through a 10-pin screw terminal connector. Apart from the useful designed-in features such as Compact Flash socket, VGA, USB 2.0 and Ethernet, there are extra user friendly and nice-to-have features such as Type I/II PC Card PCMCIA which provides a PC card-add-on module to enhance the overall solution and two LEDs that connect to GPIO programmable for alarms or other purposes defined by developer. An on-Board power control circuit accepts a wide range of single input DC power supply voltages from +9V to +36V DC, allowing the VS TaskRunner 3220 to meet most application requirements in the industrial field

TaskRunner Family is based on fanless embedded systems with rich peripherals and designed for network communication systems in industrial fields. The CPU used are available from AMD LX800 500MHz up to intel Pentium M 1.6GHz. Mass storage is the choice of 2.5" HDD, Compact Flash or IDE Flash disks. Suitable for a full range of applications.
The TaskRunner Family offers a wide range of peripherals from 10/100Tx LAN, VGA, USB ports, PCMCIA, IEEE 1394, COM ports, LPT ports up to Audio line out. Some models support Giga-LAN. TaskRunner Family are cored in IP50 industrial cases well suited for industrial applications. All connectors inside are using direct connectors-no-cables-offering a reliable behaviour for vibrations.
Detail Specification | Inquiry this product: Art No (161).
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