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Computer On Modules (COM)

Compact systems by Qseven or COM Express™ standards

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Q7-VIA NANO-CB Carrier board
COM Express 945 Intel Core


There is a permanent demand for computer systems, which are more powerful and smaller in size than the previous generation. At the same time the available components and interfaces shall meet customers requests.
One answer to these demands are the so called Computer On Modules, or "COM" for short. These are small modules, equipped with the core components of modern computers. The module harbours the CPU, the DRAM and also the BIOS in Flash Memory.
Such modules have a defined form factor as well as specific connectors to a carrier board. The connectors provide a rich set of interfaces. It is the carrier board which makes the design task flexible. The implementer decides which connectors and interfaces are available on the carrier board. Components aren't realised when they are not required. Such results in a system with the smallest possible form factor.

Qseven™ is a new standard, which is defined for very small modules (70×70mm²) and also low power consumption. The standard is targeted for the ultra-mobile generation of 45nm technology. Since these new processors and chipsets are designed legacy-free, the Qseven standard is legacy-free also.
Qseven provides PCI Express and PEG, Serial ATA and SDIO. The maximum allowed power consumption is 12 Watt only, which emphasizes the intended targets as mobile devices. Besides the targets of the specifications, Qseven systems are quite fine where small size and low power consumptions is an important design goal.

COM Express™ is a PICMG standard which defines a COM module as a ready component to be placed on the carrier board. The standard supports legacy buses like PCI, PATA and LPC. The buses are connected to the carrier board via 440 pin connectors. The carrier board then implements the legacy components like PS/2, Floppy etc. as required by the target application.
The same standard also places modern high speed interfaces on the connectors, like PCI Express, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0.
So designers can choose from many options to make their final system.

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