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September 2015
NetCom Plus Serial Device Servers expand port number via USB

NetCom Plus Family is complete.

NetCom Plus Family with WLAN
September 2015 - VS Vision Systems GmbH - Industrial PC provider - presents the whole family of NetCom Plus Serial Device Servers. The servers come with one, two, four and eight serial ports. In contrast to other brands these devices can extend the number of serial ports by expansion via an USB 2.0 High-Speed port.
NetCom Plus Family USB expansion
At the bottom is a NetCom Plus 813, with the USB port on the rear side. On top of this is a USB-8COM Plus, which also has an USB expansion port on the rear side. This pair is topped by a second USB-8COM Plus, resulting in a total of 24 serial ports in this example.
The NetCom+ provide the USB expansion port. The exceptions are NetCom Plus 411 POE, 811 POE and 811 DIO. On this USB port the NetCom+ accept and support all devices from the USB-COM Plus series. This allows port expansion with 1, 2, 4 and 8 serial ports, in isolated or standard fashion. The USB-4COM Plus and USB-8COM Plus allow further expansion via their USB-through function.
The internal ports in the NetCom+ and the serial ports in USB-COM Plus modules are strongly ESD protected. USB-COM models are available with galvanically isolated serial ports.

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